Bettys Home!It’s official –  legendary diva of show-business Miss Betty Legs Diamond is returning to wow Blackpool audiences with a sensational new show at Funny Girls, Blackpool.

Basil Newby, owner of Funny Girls entertainment venue Blackpool, has officially announced that the resorts beloved and legendary entertainer and diva extraordinaire, Miss Betty Legs Diamond will be making a spectacular comeback to the venue this summer.

The original star of the Funny Girls Show, Miss Betty Legs Diamond entertained millions of customers at the Funny Girls venue when it opened in 1994.

The show and venue became an overnight sensation and sparkled like a glittering jewel in the resorts night time entertainment scene.

In 2009 Miss Betty Legs Diamond left the show to pursue new opportunities and starred in her own hugely successful show at Boulevard, Newcastle.

The Funny Girls Show continued its success and still attracts record numbers and new audiences that enjoy the fast paced entertainment show.

Basil Newby, is delighted to herald the return of the original Funny Girl:

“I am truly delighted and thrilled to announce that the supremely talented Miss Betty Legs Diamond is coming home to Funny Girls and Blackpool. As Dorothy said in The Wizard Of Oz; “There’s no place like home.” That is certainly true for Betty, as she really does belong here on the stage at Funny Girls. Her heart is in Blackpool and her soul is on the stage at Funny Girls, and as for those famous legs, well they are a destined to dazzle audiences right here in the resort! Betty and Funny Girls, it is a match made in heaven!

I always said of the original cast and team at Funny Girls, the reason we were so successful was because it was like a perfect marriage of unique talent, Betty Legs Diamond, the dancers, Zoe the DJ hostess, the Funny Girls Bar hosts and the management team, they all worked together in perfect harmony to make the show spectacular.

Funny Girls has since become a must see destination venue for visitors in the resort and the locals have really taken us into their hearts as a regular and favourite place to be.

This year, we are celebrating 22 years in the resort and we are proud to mark the occasion together with something and someone special dear to our history at the venue.

We like to keep challenging ourselves at Funny Girls and aim to surprise and delight our audiences with every new show, so I felt the time was right to bring Betty back and re-boot the summer show for 2016.

Betty is a dynamic and extraordinary entertainer and there is a new generation of audience who have never seen her perform, so this is a great opportunity to continue the legacy of one of the resorts most popular entertainers. There is only one Betty Legs Diamond. She is a naturally gifted comedy genius, of that there is no doubt. Her gift is her razor sharp wit and brilliant comedic timing that has audiences in stitches.

Betty Legs Diamonds adrenaline fuelled choreography and slick routines are legendary and her new show is a cheeky twist on the classics and some favourites re-mixed with brand new numbers for 2016 audiences. Our audiences change and grow and we like to move with them but still want to take them on a unique and magical journey that they will never experience anywhere else.

Her spiritual home is the stage here at Funny Girls and the time is right to return and take her place here for a new generation to experience and enjoy. It will be as if we never said goodbye. We are all very excited and want to share the feel good factor with the whole town!

We are now busy producing the new show starring Betty Legs Diamond and we will have a fabulous VIP launch night on July 4th.

I am looking forward to welcoming friends and fans, old and new, into Funny Girls to enjoy the very best comedy, dance and stunning live entertainment that the resort has to offer. We are proud to have constantly delivered the wow factor to audiences over the years and 2016 is no exception.   Funny Girls has always strived to surpass each show success with something even bigger and better, year after year. So this year, as we welcome Miss Betty Legs Diamond back, audiences can prepare for a full on Funny Girls fiesta of fun, frolics and first class entertainment.

Welcome back Betty – here’s to a sizzling summer of glitz, glamour and divine comedy at Funny Girls! It’s going to be diva-delightful!”